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Every girl loves getting their hair & makeup done by a professional. Whether it is for a work function, a wedding or some other social event on the calendar, or maybe you just want to look amazing for a special night out.

I have worked alongside the director of The Makeover Dolls 'Nicola Beverley' for over two years now and she is the best in the business.

Nikki has worked with some of the finest models and clientèle in and around Sydney. Her strength is the breadth of her experience as a make-up artist in fields ranging from retail to fashion, TV and commercial, prepping models for body competitions, VIP events, hen parties, wedding and bridal make-up services.

Nikki gets me camera ready when filming my market updates for William Hill Australia. She is also my glam go-to for any horse racing or social events. On occasion, our 4am meeting time is always filled with laughs and lots of coffee but Nikki is always very professional and on time.

The main reason why I love working with Nikki so much is because you really do get exactly what you ask for and she delivers the look you want.
My favourite makeup style is the dewy, bronzed and smokey eye.
My makeup inspo comes from celebrities like Jen Hawkins and of course the Kardashian makeup queens.

Nikki has put together a snippet of images and a video tutorial of 'how to' apply your own makeup using her suggested products.


Nikki uses smashbox contour pencils. There are a trio of pencils that come in a packet however she has used the light and medium tones on me as I am quite fair.
Firstly, Nikki uses the light contour pencil under my eyes, forehead and chin then applies the medium pencil to shade the contour of my cheeks. Once blended, you will see a nice highlight and bronze to the face.

How to achieve a smokey eye

For a simple dark smokey eye Nikki uses three products.
The first product is Black Track that is used to achieve the dark solid, smokey eye. Nikki then applies a neutral palette by MAC to buff around the edges of the black track and create a soft smudged out eye so it looks flawless. She then uses MAC Technakohl in Graphblack to finish off the eyes.

For the full turtorial, click on the link below. Enjoy!
 Video blog:

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Photography- Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser
The Wagga Gold Cup Racing Carnival is one of the region’s largest events on the calendar year. Whether you are involved in racing or just want to get all dressed up for the day - everyone from the country town makes their way to the racecourse.

Big thanks to the lovely ladies at The Style Bar for my makeup & hair.

Dress: Yeojin Bae
Headpiece: Natalie Bikicki
Bag: Furla
Tan: The Spray Tan Salon
Hair & Makeup: The Style Bar

One event that they do take very seriously on the day is the ‘Fashions on The Field’ (“FOTF”) competition. This year, I was lucky enough to be a guest judge alongside Melbourne based Milliner, Carla Murley and Channel Ten journalist, Georgina McKerrow. Together we had an absolute ball!

There were five categories to enter on the day with some amazing prizes to be won and the competition was fierce! For all categories judges were looking for outfits that were appropriate for the Autumn carnival season including darker, rich tones, heavier materials, enclosed shoes and unique accessories to compliment the overall look. The most important feature about the outfit that I personally looked for, was class and elegance. To me, they are crucial when dressing for the races no matter what season. 
Man of the day
Man of the day was up first and I was excited to see what the fellas would be sporting. Judges were looking for a clean, well cut suit  paired with matching polished shoes. The overall vibe had to be 'raceday' rather than a ‘business’ look. Accessories for men are always great including binoculars, pocket scarf, umbrella or a hat. Wearing a hat wasn't mandatory, but if worn, it needed  to be felt-based or comprise some sort of autumn feel to it. Vas Seker looked very sharp on the day and stood out from the rest.  

Winner- Vas Seker
Photography Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser 
 Couple of the day
 For couple of the day, both partners had to complement each other including the styling, colour co-ordination, be well groomed with attention to detail and of course incorporate the Autumn trends. 

Len and Deb Parish absolutely owned the stage. I loved that they included accessories such as gloves, a scarf and for me they ticked all the boxes. 

Winners- Len and Deb Parish 
Photography Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser

Lady of the day
For this category we were after an overall chic and elegant look. We wanted to see accessories that complement each other including handbag, gloves, jewellery, hosiery etc. The hat needed to have a winter influence such as felt, wool or leather. 

Sally Martin Dhu encorportaed all the criteria and really personified what Autumn Racing is all about.

Winner- Sally Martin Dhu 
 Photography Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser

Millinery Award

For this category, the headwear had to make the overall statement and still compliment the outfit. This was a tough category as all hats were gorgeous but Leanne Rodd looked stunning. Wearing a cream skirt and jacket mixed with a navy felt hat, maroon gloves, navy enclosed shoes and pearl details on the back of her skirt. I loved the class and confidence Leanne embodied which was what drew my attention to her. I really loved this outfit from head to toe. Nailed it. 

Winner- Leanne Rodd
Photography Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser

Young Contemporary 
This was my favourite category and look of the day. We wanted to see fashion that followed the autumn  trends with an edge and clever use of accessory co-ordination. This outfit was gorgeous! 

Ellie Merritt incorporated the criteria with a fresh flair and her reaction to winning showed the humble nature of the down to earth country girls. 
Love, love this look!

Winner- Ellie Merritt
Photography Kieren L. Tilly -The Daily Advertiser

Overall I had such a fun day in Wagga and loved being a guest judge for FOTF. It was very refreshing to visit a country town like Wagga and mingle with such down to earth people. The locals were so lovely starting with the girls from the Style Bar who did my hair and makeup, to the men and women in the President’s Marquee to the FOTF contestants. I will definitely be heading back to Wagga Gold Cup Day again! 

I want to thank Julianne Horseman for putting on the fabulous day and Michelle Merrylees, the Sponsorship and Marketing manager from the Murrumbidgee Turf Club.
Also I would like to thank Kylie Shaw from Trackpix racing photography and Kieren L. Tilly and The Daily Advertiser for all your photos from the day.
I would also like to say a special thanks to Erin Angland and Angela Belle for your judging tips.

Make sure you book for next years Wagga Gold Cup!

Sarsha X

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