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Working out is such a big part of my everyday life. Whether it's bikini season or the middle of winter, I aim to work out for at least twenty minutes each day, six days a week. Cheat day is always Sunday! 

For me, fitness isn't just about the aesthetics, the mental benefits associated with exercising is one of the biggest rewards.
If you follow me on Instagram or Snap Chat, you will know I love a good cardio session including running stairs, boxing and a coastal walk.

Activewear- P.E Nation 
Photographer- Dan Knott 
Spray Tan - The Spray Tan Salon 
Recently I decided to mix up my training routine and I joined F45 at Matraville and I could not be happier with my decision. The team at F45 Matraville are really inspiring and I'm telling you right now, they will kick your butt into shape!

For those of you who struggle with your goals at the gym and with your diet, F45 Matraville provides you with challenges to undertake in order to set a goal and stick to it.
The challenges run for eight weeks with a seminar provided at the beginning of the challenge to get any information in preparation for the challenge.

F45 Matraville provide you with a daily meal plan, shopping lists and recipes to follow. They also include videos on nutrition, tips to keep you motivated and a point system to keep you accountable daily and to track your progress via charts. If you really want to see some results, they use a dexa scan truck that come out at the beginning and the end of every challenge. Individual goals with your training are also included and the trainers will check in every two weeks to make sure you are on track.

F45 Matraville combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training, and Functional Training. It is a team-based, functional fitness facility that places a huge emphasis on the 'three key factors' of motivation, innovation and results. Some examples of exercises include: kettle bell swings, box jumps, TRX cords (straps aka at f45 'Rip 60'), sled push, smash balls (medicine/dead balls), body weight exercises, boxing and much MORE! I love that no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique and fun experience.

A few people have asked me what we actaully do in a session at F45 Matraville so below are a few photos to show an example of a training session. 

Head trainer and part owner - Jessica Neville 

Personal Trainer - Bella Cignetti

The best part of F45 is the results. Being fit, toned and healthy makes you feel great and confident on the inside. I definitely know the feeling of not fitting into my pants or having that little muffin top that won’t go away and it does have an impact on your confidence. After six weeks of training, four times a week- I feel leaner, stronger but most of all I feel more energized, healthy and best of all happy.

In my experience, what makes F45 Matraville unique compared to any other fitness centres is the culture. The trainers are so encouraging and there is a real collaborative team environment while also supporting everyone to reach their individual goals. 

Jessica Neville is the head trainer and part owner of F45 Matraville and will really motivate you to reach your goals but most importantly stick to them.

Make your 2017 about getting fit, toned and healthy with F45 Mattraville. Sign up now, you won't regret it. 

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