Sunday, 7 January 2018


With the ‘silly season’ come and gone, everyone has been attending Christmas parties, NYE & New Year’s day events, having that one extra cocktail and simply enjoying the summer season and trust me I know it’s hard to put down that last piece of pavlova or that one extra cocktail.

Around this time of year I tend to put on a few extra kilos, feel a little tired, demotivated and heavier around January. After all the hard work you put in during the year, it goes flying out the window come December. This year I will be doing the F45 Matraville 8 week challenge as one of my New Year’s resolutions to kick start my year on a positive note.

Typically challenges set by gyms involve targeting weight loss however F45’s '8 Week Challenge' can meet a variety of goals including: gaining lean muscle, improving overall fitness levels, implementing a healthy routine through a balanced diet and exercise regime.

The eight-week challenge doesn’t just focus purely on the physical appearance, it also focuses on mental progression. Some goals are as simple as completing a full class without stopping or after the eight weeks being able to complete an exercise your unable to perform e.g. a box jump or push up on toes. Whatever your goal may be, F45 Matraville will help you reach it.

The challenges run for eight weeks with a seminar provided at the beginning to equip you with all of the key information in preparation for your challenge.

If you are unsure of healthy diet, F45 Matraville provide you with a daily meal plan, shopping lists and recipes to follow. They also include videos on nutrition, tips to keep you motivated and a point system to keep you accountable and to track your progress daily via charts.

If you really want to see some results, F45 use a dexa scan truck that comes out to the gym at the beginning and the end of every challenge. A dexa scan is a special type of X-ray machine that will scan through your clothes and will measure exactly how much fat and muscle is in your body and tell you exactly where it is. F45 also provide ‘InBody Scans’ to give members a quick and non invasive way to show the individuals body composition.

Individual goals with your training are also included and the trainers will check in every two weeks to help you stay on track. The most important part about the challenge is that the team will help guide you throughout your journey; one problem a lot of people have is maintaining motivation so this will help you stay on track.

I haven’t decided what my goal will be just yet but once I have I will be posting about my progression along the way. If you are interested in the eight week challenge, jump onto the website below and sign up for the next challenge with me starting January 29th.



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