Sunday, 17 March 2019


Designer: Alice McCALL -Sunset So Darling dress $89 rental $390 retail price 

Most women would probably agree with me when I say that I don’t like to wear things twice, especially if we have been photographed in it and it’s up on social media. However, the constant up keep of having that ‘cute outfit’ for a friend’s birthday, baby shower, weddings, races etc. not only takes its toll on the savings account but also impacts the environment.

In fact, there are claims that the fashion world is responsible for being the second largest polluter in the world, behind the oil industry and that the environmental damage will further increase as it grows. According to ‘Sustain Your Style’ a family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year.

‘Only 15% is recycled or donated, and the rest goes directly to the landfill or is incinerated. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are plastic fibers, therefore non-biodegradable and can take up to 200 years to decompose. Synthetic fibers are used in 72% of our clothing’.

Now thanks to companies such as Glamcorner, I feel like I am doing my bit for the environment by reducing my environmental footprint.

There are many different clothing rental companies out there however, Glamcorner is one of the few I will rent from for the following reasons.
Firstly, Glamcorner have over 9,000 styles from 200+ fashion designers to choose from including some of my favourite Australian designers such as: Zimmerman, Rebecca Vallance, Manning Cartell, Keepsake The Label just to name a few. They also cater for all sizes from 6-22 and for those of you who are busy- Glamcorner provide specific categories on their website for different occasions, making it quick and easy for people who are on the go.

 Designer: Keepsake The Label

For those who are unsure of how it works, first you will choose a dress/garment for your event. Depending on how long you would like to keep the outfit for, you can choose to hire between four or eight days. If you are unsure about the size or cannot decide between two styles you can add a backup dress to your order for only fifteen dollars!

You will then be Cinderella for the night and step out in a designer dress for a small portion of the sale price. Next step is to place your dress in the prepaid return bag and drop it off to your nearest post office or yellow Express Postal Box. Glamcorner will take care of the dry cleaning.

Other amazing benefits of Glamcorner is that they provide a full refund if the dress doesn’t fit or you are unhappy with the style. Also if you are unsure or would like some styling advice, you can opt to chat with one of their stylists online or arrange a complimentary styling session over the phone.

Designer: Rebecca Vallance -Hamptons Mini Bow Dress $149 rental $649 retail  

In addition to Glamcorner’s occasions based rentals they also offer ‘Premium Beta’ which is a new and exclusive collection. Premium allows you to have access to their unlimited collection of Premium designer clothing for a fixed price per month. They will have you covered for any occasion - work, holiday, everyday you name it!

The people at Glamcorner have always been so helpful and understanding when I am in a rush and need a dress ASAP. To me, customer service is very important and they always manage to get my dress or accessories to me on time.

For your next event, make sure you check out Glamcorner! You wont regret it.


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